1.54 Nursery Parents Admissions Policy & Contract


Welcome to Shine Nursery

At Shine we believe that every individual child deserves the best possible start in life enabling them to fulfil their potential.  We pride ourselves on our friendly and professional services ensuring that all families feel welcome.

Your child will be safe and secure in a rich and varied environment which supports children’s learning and development, giving them the confidence to explore our award winning building with exceptional indoor and outdoor space.

Shine Nursery is a 30 place Ofsted registered nursery, and is part of “Shine (East Norfolk) a charitable organisation based in Great Yarmouth.

Your Child is able to join the nursery at the age of two until their fifth birthday. In the event of us not having a place for your child we will be happy to place them on the waiting list, they will then be offered a place when one becomes available on a first come, first serve basis. When you accept a place, a contract is made between you and Shine nursery

The following are the terms and conditions of that contract.

Contact details


The Alpha Centre

Alpha Road

Great Yarmouth


NR31 0LG

01493 661000


Terms and conditions

·         Opening Hours

·         Monday to Thursday 8am- 6pm

·         Friday 8am-5pm

·         Breakfast, Lunch and light tea are available and may include an additional charge

·         An offer of a place for your child is accepted by completing the Nursery Registration form


·         Full day care costs

·         Aged 2 yrs. £4.85 an Hour

·         Aged 3yrs plus £3.85 an Hour

·         You may be entitled to free child care spaces, to see if your child is eligible please speak to a staff member or go on line and contact :-

·         Or call the Family Information Service on 0344 800 8020.

Fees are asked for on the first day of every month by way of an invoice, payments can be made by cheque or cash, In the event of a re-presented cheque payment, a minimum charge of £20 per occasion will apply.

In the event of your child not attending for family holidays, you will need to give one months’ notice, and a 30% retainer fee will be charged instead of the full cost this is to enable us to keep your child’s place open.

Shine requires four weeks’ notice if you no longer wish for your child to attend or four weeks fees in lieu of notice.

Please be aware that all sessions booked are chargeable irrespective of whether your child attends or not. Refunds cannot be given for any missed days due to sickness or any other circumstances  

Your child’s place may be at risk if fees remain outstanding for more than fourteen days beyond the date of payment. Please speak to a member of staff if you are experiencing difficulty with payments.

Shine Board of trustees regulates the price of the fees in line with Norfolk County Council. In the event of a fee increase Shine will endeavour to give one months’ notice of the changes.

Child safety

For the security of both children and staff, CCTV cameras are in operation within Shines premises. The footage remains strictly confidential and may be viewed only by authorised members of management and staff, regulatory authorities, social services and the police. For reasons of data protection, parents are not permitted to view the footage which is preserved for up to 30 days and accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

For your child’s safety a list of responsible adults who are authorised to collect your child, along with a password, needs to be filled in on the registration form. Under no circumstances will your child be allowed to leave the nursery with anyone whose name does not appear on the list of responsible adults, unless by prior arrangement. In order to make such an arrangement Shine must have the name, telephone number of the person permitted to collect your child and their password.

Shine has a legal obligation to report to Norfolk safeguarding team if a child is at risk of significant harm, under certain circumstances this may be done without informing you ( for further information please see Shines Safeguarding policy).

Illness and injury

If your child is suffering from a communicable illness, he or she should not attend nursery until the infection has cleared (see Shines sickness policy for further information).

Please notify Shine if your child will be absent from nursery due to illness.

If your child becomes ill whilst at Nursery, Shine will contact you (or the emergency contact on the registration form).

Shine will administer required, medication upon completion by you of Shines medication consent form.

Shine reserves the right to administer basic first aid, by first aid trained staff when necessary.

Late collection and uncollected children.

In the event a parent/carer is late or fails to collect their child, the following procedures are in place.

The senior will telephone the parent/carer to determine when they are likely to collect their child. You may be liable to pay a surcharge for the late collection of your child £10 per 15 minutes over the due collection time.

In the event that the senior is unable to contact the parent/carer, a telephone call will be made to the named emergency contact to determine the whereabouts of the parent/carer or to arrange collection of the child.

At all times two members of staff will remain with the uncollected child, one of which will be the senior nursery practitioner.

In the event that the senior is unable to contact the parent/carer or the named emergency contact, the senior will contact the police and children services after 45 minutes of the child being uncollected.

Dietary requirements

We will work with you to provide suitable healthy meals for your child, ensuring any dietary requirements are adhered to. Please ensure that Shine is informed of any allergies or dietary requirements that your child may have (see food and drink policy)

Positive behaviour within our nursery

Children gain respect through interaction with caring adults who show them respect and value their individual personalities. Positive, caring and polite behaviour will be encouraged and praised at all times in an environment where children learn to respect themselves, other people and their surroundings.

If Shine considers that your child is disruptive or displays inappropriate behaviour that cannot be rectified with careful nurturing, or that parent/carers behave in such a way that it affects, or is likely to affect, the progress of their child or other children, or that parents/carers are threatening or abusive to Nursery staff, we may require you to withdraw your child from the setting, on a temporary or permanent basis this will be at the discretion of the Manager or board of trustees.

If you have any concerns or are not happy with the care that your child is receiving, please speak to a member of staff, if your concerns cannot be rectified Shine has a complaints procedure (see compliments and Complaints policy)


The nursery occasionally takes photographs which are used in your child’s learning journey and which may be used in training or promotional materials, consent will be sought.


Shine maintains insurance required by law, the current Employers liability and public liability insurance policies are displayed on the notice board in the foyer

Shine does not accept responsibility for accidental injury or loss of or damage to property your child brings to nursery.

Parent/carers are responsible for their child whilst on the nursery premises before and after each session.

Shine does not accept responsibility for any loss suffered by parent/carers, arising from the temporary closure of the nursery or the non-admittance of your child to the nursery.

Babysitting by Shine staff

Any babysitting service provided by a member of Shine’s staff to a parent falls outside the contract which exists between Shine and the parent. The babysitting service is the subject of a separate contract between the parent and the member of staff in which the nursery has no involvement whatsoever.


Whilst we welcome applications from children with additional needs or a disability, our ratios are constantly monitored to ensure that the needs of every child are met.

Policies and procedures

Full copies of Shines policies and procedures are available on request


Parent/carer signature  ………………………………………Date…………………….


Manager/senior signature……………………………………Date……………………



Shines adheres strictly to the Equality Act 2010 and are an inclusive nursery that welcomes children from all backgrounds and abilities.



Evaluation and review

This policy and the way it operates will be reviewed annually